Heavy Duty Pneumatic Grips- HJ 44

Heavy Duty Pneumatic specimen grip line is generally used for grip-sensitive specimens, and where least amount of setting-up effort is required. Pneumatic grip range is suitable for both round and flat specimens made of elastomers, plastics, textiles, insulating materials, paper, wood and metals. Pneumatic Grips operates by a foot switch (single press to ON electrical contact) through the control unit. One can adjust the gripping pressure of the grip (with pressure adjust valve) to adapt to the material to be tested. A constant holding force is ensured during the test sequence. Pneumatic Grips are economical alternatives to Hydraulic Grips.

They can be equipped with a selection of interchangeable grip jaw faces in various sizes and choice of surfaces including smooth ground, rubber coated and serrated, line contact and special coated faces are also available.
Grip control incorporates a footswitch allowing hands free operation for speed, simplicity of use, accuracy of specimen alignment within the grips & features for users safety. In addition, grip opening and closing can be controlled from the testing machine, providing features such as automatic pre-tension and grip release on specimen break.

Special Exclusive Feature for Pneumatic Grips in conjunction with Series 7200:

  • With the latest Series 7200 UTM the pneumatic grips give enhanced gripping performance.
  • With increasing loads during the test, the clamping pressure of the grips on the sample increases simultaneously ensuring enhanced gripping & hence efficient testing
  • These advanced grips maintain a constant gripping force on the specimen that acts perpendicular to the direction of testing and is independent of tensile loading.
  • Avoids sample buckling or any physical damage to delicate samples during gripping.
  • Gripping pressure can be adjusted with the help of the valves.
  • Usability and operator safety compared to older traditional grip designs.

Principal Of Operation:
Pneumatic action grips clamp the specimen through a single or dual lever arm, actuated by air cylinders built into the grip body. The gripping force can be increased with air pressure to accommodate materials that are often difficult to hold. This constant gripping force is maintained on the specimen, and provides the ultimate in ‘follow-up’ action to compensate for any decay in the gripping force. The grips are closed or opened by a pneumatic footswitch for hands free operation.
The interchangeable jaw faces are mounted in such a manner that one face is free to swivel on a horizontal axis and the other on a vertical axis. This action allows for alignment to compensate for variations in sample thickness.

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  • Temperature Ranges: a) -RT to +60°C b) -20°C to +150°C
  • Open front design to facilitate specimen loading
  • Security features for user safety
  • Pneumatic clamping of the specimen with follow-up action to reduce slippage
  • Rugged design for minimum maintenance
  • Interchangeable jaw faces suitable for gripping different types of materials
  • Rectangular jaw faces may be mounted with the long axis either horizontal or vertical to accommodate various specimens
  • Optional faces available include three types of faces: corrugated, plain & serrated.


  • General purpose grips for tensile testing of rubber, plastics, textiles and other materials where self-tightening is required.
  • Type of loading: tensile, static, tension-tension cyclic tests. Not suitable for high cycle fatigue tests.
  • Specimen material: thin sheets, films, foils, threads, plastic tapes, fine wires and soft materials.
  • Specimen shapes: round (wires) and flat specimen with/without shoulder tab ends.