3 Point Bending -TJ124

The flexure fixture allows a variety of flexural and fracture toughness bond tests to be performed, including determination of flexural modulus, flexural strength and flexural yield strength.
These fixtures have adjustable spans with easy-to-use, permanently attached scales for equal fake watches positioning of the rollers. The span can be set up in a four-point configuration, for a region of constant rolex replica watches stress, or in a three-point configuration as per the type of fixture selected, to provide a line of maximum stress. Any of the roller sizes listed below can be used.

Lower anvils are adjustable to accommodate specimens of different spans. Deflection of the specimen can be measured either through crosshead displacement.

Principle of Operation :
The specimen is supported on two precision machined (free to rotate or stationary) anvils of a defined radius. The force is applied either centrally (3 point) or at a defined distance either side of the center (4 point). The support beam is graduated replique montrelengthways in metric units for accurate positioning of the anvils, equally spaced to the center line.


Application Range:

Determining the flexural properties of rigid and semi-rigid materials such as glass, ceramics, composites,replique montre wood and rigid plastics, etc in the form of rectangular bars of standard or non-standard dimensions, molded directly or cut from sheets or other shapes. The following properties can be determined:

  • Flexural Stress at a given time of test
  • Flexural Stress at the conventional deflection
  • Flexural Stress at Maximum Load
  • Flexural Stress at Rupture
  • Apparent Modulus of Elasticity in Flexure
  • Static flexure, cyclic flexure tests

A) Light Duty Three point bending fixture: TJ 128

Three-Point Flexural Jig Operates in direct compression only it replica watches supports a specimen diameter of 10mm as standard.
The Span is infinitely variable from 25-300 mm.

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Available Capacity 1kN, 2kN, 5kN, 10kN
Max Sample Width 150 mm
Temperature Limits T1, T2, T3
Span Adjustment 25 – 300 mm
Span Support Diameter 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 mm

B) Heavy Duty Three Point Flexural Jig ¨CHJ 124:

Operating in compression only, for performing unidirectional bending tests on rigid and semi rigid materials. Supplied with specimen supports of requested diameter.

Maximum Capacity 20kN onwards to 200kN
Max Sample Width 150mm
Temperature Limits T1, T2, T3
Span Adjustment 20 – 300mm
Span Support Diameter 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 up to 50 mm

Temperature Key:

  • T1: RT to +60¡ãC
  • T2: RT TO 300¡ãC
  • T3: -70¡ãC to 300¡ãC

All supports and loading points are hardened steel cylinders, held in vee-grooves by small springs on each end. This permits them to be rotated, and also to be easily replaced if desired. Other loading and support span widths and cylinder diameters can be provided upon request.
The base of the flexure test fixture is provided with a female stud containing a cross-pin hole, for attachment to the base of the testing machine. The compressive loading is applied through another stud to be attached to the crosshead of the testing machine.
**Kindly note the 4-Point Bending fixture is made on the users request and specifications.