Welcome to Dak System Inc

Dak designs, develops, manufactures, markets, installs, validates and services material testing equipment including testers, softwares and accessories…


For the ultimate testing reproducibility, Dak offers these Products: (click on embedded links for more information)

1) Universal Testing Machines, popularly known as UTM. We have two models in the UTM

    a) Series 7200 – The Advanced Platinum series 

    b) Series 9000 – The Basic Silver series 

2) Fatigue Testing Machines 

3) Moving Die Rheometers, popularly known as MDR. 

4) Rubber Process Analyser, popularly known as RPA.

5) Torsion Testing Machine

6) Densimeter

7) Helmet Impact Tester

We also specialise in a wide spectrum of Accessories which can be coupled with the UTM, Fatigue testers, Torsion testers etc.

Visit our YouTube Channel called: DAK SYSTEM INC where you can view a few of our testing videos & applications. These videos give you a fair idea about the Product features, design & applications.

Click for More Videos…

     Our USP’s

  • Pan India Sales & Service Network
  • Single Machine Multiple Applications
  • Online Software Assistance
  • Four Control Modes
  • Very High Travel Resolution
  • Video Recording of Tests


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