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  • Fast action for rapid specimen insertion to increase testing throughput
  • Positive, non-slip gripping action for accurate results.
  • Self-aligning upper grip prevents off-axis loads for consistent test data
  • Ideal for testing elastomers, flexible plastics and thin films
  • Rugged design for minimum maintenance
  • Designed for use in ambient and non-ambient testing conditions
  • Available in various versions with test loads of 25, 100, 250 and 400 kN.
  • Connection is to the existing pressurized oil supply when used with. For use with static materials testing machines a small hydraulic power pack is required.
  • Extremely convenient operation –¬†open-sided design allows easy specimen changing.
  • Interchangeable jaws are available to suit varying specimen (round and flat) dimensions.
  • Adjustable gripping pressure allows ‘soft’ specimens such as wood and plastics to be tested also.
  • Radial jaw-guide prevents undue axial stresses in the specimen. Also optionally available for superimposed torsion loading.