Salient Features

  • A sophisticated yet simple to use testing equipment used to measure the viscoelastic properties of various polymers and rubber compound before, during and after cure giving a detailed analysis of Processability, Cure characteristics & Final cured properties.
  • Enables the test to be performed under Variable Strain, Variable Frequency & Variable Temperature.
  • Precise temperature control system with cooling option.
  •  “Dyna Pro” software enables flexibility in configuration of the test procedures.
  • High Resolution Direct Drive system provides high stiffness high accuracy in strain control.(Resolution:0.0003 arc degree)
  • Sealed and pressurized test cavity.
  • Robust, sensitive torque transducer.
  • Frequency Sweeps, Strain Sweeps, Temperature Sweeps, Cure Tests, Stress Relaxation, Variable Temperature Analysis, Timed Tests.
  • Direct Drive & “Dyna Pro” software enables to directly set the oscillation angle removing the need of physical adjustment/ replacement of the spacers hence eliminating the requirement for re-calibration.
  • Choice of unit systems: Torque Units dN.m,, or Nm &Temperature Units in either ˚C or ˚F

What an RPA 4500 can do over the MDR :

  • Isothermal Cure
  • Non-Isothermal Cure
  • Isothermal Curing at Variable Strain
  • Isothermal Frequency Sweep
  • High Strain Non-Linear Behavior
  • Strain Sweep for Filler Loading
  • Time Dependent Structure Breakdown

Console for Operational Ease:

  • Easy to Use
  • Now tests can be conducted on multiple equipments with a common access server which can be used as a common source for data analysis, interpretation & storage, making sample data study convenient.
  • Portable Console to conduct tests and review test results, now the test data moves right along with you.
  • Wireless Connectivity.
  • Sleek, Light weight & Easy to carry.
  • Eliminates the need for an individual PC system when multiple equipments are used simultaneously
  • Tilt & Move facility for comfortable access & view.