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  • Drop tower for of achieving striker height of 3000 mm
  • The impact velocity 95% and above of the theoretical velocity as required by the standard.
  • Height measurement resolution of 0.01 cm.
  • High speed velocity measurement up to 10 m/s with Non Contact magnetic velocity sensor.
  • Base made of steel with no deformation of the surface under the test load.
  • Striker and penetrator as per EN,ANSI, IS
  • Half Head form for energy absorption as per ANSI Z89.1
  • Various Head forms of A,E,J,M & O sizes are available.
  • Fully automated Motorized carriage for lifting of various impactors & penetrators to the required height of the test as per the standard.
  • High resolution LCD based touch screen with graphical user interface & Alpha Numeric display on Controller.
  • Screen for all functional parameters.

Custom Software :
  • Graphical user interface and intuitive layout
  • Automated data collection, data analysis and reporting
  • Allows testing of multiple helmets