The 9000 series machine is a Computerized Servo controlled Tensile Testing machine with nominal loads from 5kgf to 40 tones. It is designed for a wide range of applications, which makes it a versatile solution in the field of Stress/Strain characteristic study of the materials. The power of the menu driven user friendly software in conjugation with perfectly matched servo controlled machine allows Tensile, Compression, Bending & Cyclic etc. loads to be applied to the specimens and components at room temperature as well as at other temperatures. This machine is used in a variety of industries like Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, Yarn-Textiles, Cement, Rubber, Sugar, Woven sack, Cable Conductors, Plastic & many other applications for testing their properties and characteristics with all load test possibilities until specimen fractures, thus accomplishing best quality controlled process.

Test Bench

Test Bench Dak’s powerful and sophisticated yet user-friendly software has been designed to be compatible with the Series 9000 UTM, which couples flexibility with accuracy and precision. With its visual aid and an easy interface, it becomes an ultimate test solution. This software enables the user to perform various tests with varied set of conditions and requirements.


  • Predefined test procedures in the software. This saves the operator’s time in setting up different tests.
  • The software enables the user to plot the graph of quantities in various permutation and combinations like Stress v/s Strain, Load v/s Strain, Load v/s % Strain, and Load v/s Deflection (Travel).
  • The terminating condition of a test can be set to any parameter viz. Load, travel, % Stress, %Strain, and proprietary calculated value.
  • The software has provision of 25 data points. This enables the user to set data points in various permutations and combinations. E.g. load at 10% Elongation, Peak load, Peak Elongation.
  • With extensive coverage and easy interface, the software meets the requirement of every industry.
  • Data can be saved for future analysis and data can be exported for further analysis in Excel or SPSS.
  • The provision to work in any units enables the user to carry on the tests as per the industry standard. e.g. N/, Kg/, Psi.
  • Cyclic tests or Hysteresis can be performed with accuracy, with each cycle graph being highlighted with a specific color making it easy to interpret
  • Load Indication in various standards viz Kg, Newton, and Pound.
  • Results indicate load at Peak & Break, T.S at Peak and Break along with selected modulus values.
  • The test results can be reviewed in any unit irrespective of the unit selected during test.
  • Step less variation of crosshead speed that can be directly set from the keyboard

Types of Tests:

  • Tensile
  • Compression
  • Stiffness
  • Rubber
  • Shear
  • Hysteresis
  • Stress Relaxation
  • Fatigue
  • Fracture
  • Flexure
  • Bend
  • Tear
  • Friction

With Test Bench, you can get an automation package, where test is very easy to use, intuitive, fully integrated and offers an array of features to make testing fast and productive. The “TEST BENCH” Software is object oriented and user friendly. Object Oriented as one can create customized test procedures, any type of unit system can be accommodated & the results can be changed to different set unit systems at a single click. It allows creating proprietary Data points, User defined fields and has a facility to enable or disable results appearing in the report format. Various tests are predefined and are suitable for most industrial needs as per ASTM, DIN & IS.

Test Bench consists of three main parts:

  • Edit Test: Test Procedure can be initiated by selecting an existing library program or by choosing your own particular program from the Test menu. The library programs can be easily customized and tailored to meet specific testing needs and then saved in the testing library and recalled as needed which is especially useful in case of multiple sample testing. Multiple users can be created with password protection segregating test procedure specific to each user.
  • Run test: The selected Test program can be executed to conduct the test. There are options for batch creation and specimen remarks. An operator is prompted in the beginning stage of the test to perform a specific action so that step-by-step test routine becomes easy for semi-skilled users. Prompt commands for dimensions make a single test flexible for multiple samples.
  • Analysis: The test data can be analyzed with Reanalysis, this option provides: reporting, archiving and exporting of data, fast accurate display & analysis of test data, option to display test results graphically. This report can also be configured to display headings, titles, graphs, and remarks or specific technical information.