Dual Mode of Operation

Series 9000 Console enables to perform basic tests and provides test results on LCD Display or Hard copy on Dot-Matrix Printer. Eliminates the use of Personal Computer System in most of the testing needs. Interface to Personal Computer via RS-232 or USB port is also available. This in conjunction with “Test Bench” software gives the ultimate power to cater to the requirement in the field of Material testing.

Designed with Computer integration in Mind

All functions are performed by the personal computer, making these workstations powerful, flexible and easy to use. Unlike the conventional test machines which can confuse the user with arrays of knobs, dials and push-buttons, Dak Machines are configured automatically by the software. Testing is made simple so you can focus on gathering useful information.

The software is object oriented, allowing user to configure a tailor made test procedure to suit his specific testing requirements. The software is provided with many standard test procedures as per ASTM, IS, JS, BS standards. Apart from this, the user can send their test requirement, which will be constituted at Dak System & the files will be e-mailed which can be easily installed at the user’s end.

Power efficient

Programmable Sleep Y Power down mode enable to save power when the system is not in operation. Sleep mode switches OFF the power consuming devices like Servo-Drive etc keeping ON the supply to all the Sensors like Load cell & extensometers, requiring no warm up time when the system wakes up on Press of a key.

Power down mode switches off the complete system if not in use for a defined period of time.


Safety Features protecting Machine and Operator

Over Load on Load cell will stop the cross head instantly and this is indicated by a message on the display and an audible beep. In such situations the system goes in to a safe mode allowing the operator to move the crosshead motion with slow speed in the opposite direction of over Load.

Over travel is taken care by the settable stoppers in both directions of motion which operate limit switches in such an event. This is exhibited by a message on the display and an audible beep.

Emergency switch is provided with a RED Glowing lamp indicating its presence and importance. In any situation of emergency operator can press this switch causing the cross head to halt instantly. In this depressed position Red lamp starts flashing indicating the system is in Emergency Lock position.

Looking at the safety of operator of accidental closure of Pneumatic or Hydraulic grips, the system interlock function enables the grip operation in the test mode when the operator is attentive.

Protective Cage

To guarantee operator well-being and ensure compliance with safety standards, DAK’s insightful testing systems are designed to accommodate on array of safety features, including:

•Optional test area enclosure.

•Integrated test area enclosure interlock.

•Push-button emergency stop switch with a RED glowing lamp indicating its presence.

•Mechanically adjustable limits to stop the crosshead predetermined points.

•Motor overheat device to automatically turn off the motor power supply.