Wide Vice Action Grips- TJ26

Wide Vice-Action Grips are used for conducting tensile tests on a wide variety of materials. They are available in different capacities depending on the samples to be tested, and in sizes to accommodate many different specimen dimensions. Materials particularly well suited for testing in these grips include papers, tissues, aluminum, plastic films, textiles, waxed paper, film containing strip additive and other materials with low and medium tensile strength. Specimens are quickly clamped in place via a thumbscrew or a butterfly wrench. Most of the models are available with serrated faces for gripping soft materials such as plastics, aluminum, and paper, with corrugated faces for gripping fabrics, tissues, leather and other soft materials or rubber faces for gripping plastic film.

This general purpose vice action grip is ideal for testing thin film samples. They feature an easy to use screw action and are fitted with flat, rubber-coated jaw faces. This general purpose, vice action grip is designed to tighten using moveable jaws. The jaw features a tapered nose, which is ideal for very small components or where space is limited. A front thumbscrew ensures quick installation and release of the specimen.

Used for tensile testing of paper, rubber, thin plastic film, light fabrics, woven foil, thin sheet materials, threads, fine wire and non-woven textiles as well as for performing 180º peel tests.



  • Easy To Use: Just align the specimens between the wedges and tighten.
  • Choice of Grip Faces: Choose from serrated, rubber, or corrugated
  • Flexible: Wide temperature range
There are two types of Vice Action Grips:

A) 100 mm Wide Vice Action Grip TJ-26:

These grips are supplied with interchangeable flat and corrugated jaw faces.

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B) 25mm Square Vice Action Grip- TJ 34

  • These grips employ an easy to operate vice action.
  • They are flat 25mm square, rubber coated jaw faces have a maximum opening of 3mm

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Temperature Ranges:

  • T1: RT to +60°C
  • T2: RT to 300°C
  • T3: -70°C to 300°C