Quick Release Bollard Grip – TJ12

Single bollard grip, these small circular bollard grips are made from graded steel and are designed for testing delicate, flexible samples such as fine threads, wires and yarns, which may break easily when clamped. The free end of the test specimen isfake watches replique montre held in a vise clamp, the specimen is then wrapped around a single friction bollard; this friction bollard reduces the concentration of stress at the clamping point and prevents premature breakage of the specimen.

The free end is clamped tightly in place using a pair of friction washer and a thumbscrew. The bollard has a single 5mm wide smooth groove to align the sample centrally and has a diameter of 20mm around which it can be wound.


This grip has a 12mm diameter bollard, the surface of which can be plain plated steel or rubber coated. Because of the offset of the bollard pivot point from the axis of loading, the tension on the sample clamps the tail of the sample between the bollard and the body. As the load increase the clamping force increases so the grip is self tightening. Initial clamping force is replica watches uk replica watches provided by a tension spring.
The sample must be flexible enough to wrap around the bollard and conform to it’s surface.
All components are either stainless rolex replica watches steel or plated for corrosion excellent resistance

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Used for tensile testing of:

  • Fibers
  • Yarns
  • Filaments
  • Twines
  • Thread
  • Fine wire