German Rotating Wheel Fixture- TJ 152


The fixture consists of a 152 mm (6.0 in) diameter, 25.4 mm (1 in) wide, bearing mounted wheel. As the crosshead is driven in the tensile direction, the load weighing system measures the force of the tape or release coating pulling against fake watches the wheel. The rotation of the wheel maintains a constant 90° peel angle.

Principle Of Operation:

The rotating German wheel peel fixture measures the bond strength of tapes, laminated release coatings and paper and plastic films. The backing of the release film is attached to the wheel with two-sided adhesive tape or the tape is attached directly to the wheel. To initiate a test, the replique montrefixture is attached to the base of the materials testing system. The release coating is then partially peeled from the backing replica watches uk medium or the tape is partially peeled from the wheel and the free end of the sample is inserted into an appropriate upper grip. The force required to peel the tape or release coating is monitored by the load weighing replica watches system, providing a direct measurement of bond strength. The upper grip, which is connected to the crosshead, is then driven in the tensile direction rolex replica watchesand the tape or release coating is peeled from the wheel or the backing at a constant peel angle.



  • Precisely measures adhesive strength of tapes, laminated release coatings, paper and plastic films
  • Attaches directly to most Dak materials test systems
  • Maintains constant 90° peel angle for accurate measurement
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Application Range:

  • Laminated release coatings
  • Paper and plastic films