Direct Compression Fixture – TJ 125

These are specialty fixtures used for testing full size formed concrete, clay, fertilizer grains, and rock materials. The fixtures are spherical, rectangle or square shaped seated compression platens sized for testing either bricks or concrete blocks. The platens provide a hardened surface for complex compression tests in which uniform stress distribution is critical.

The test fixtures are designed to accommodate one full concrete block. The platen for both the upper and lower surfaces is large enough to prevent any part of the specimen from overhanging the plate. This assures even loading across the entire specimen.

These compression test fixtures are designed to accommodate either full size or half size specimens. This fixture is used to determine the compressive strength of the specimen when resting on the frame’s lower plane platen (when provided).

Principle Of Operation:

The hardness of the compression platens ensures lack of deformity at pressures up to their capacity. Their inscribed concentric circles along with a crosshair axis ensure proper, centered placement of the specimen, thereby increasing the validity of test results. A level seating surface and even load distribution over the specimen is ensured due to the high tolerance in the flatness of the surface. This aids the operator in attaining valid test results and true failure measurements.



  • Operate in static compression only.
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Temperature Key:

  • T1: RT to +60°C
  • T2: RT TO 300°C
  • T3: 70°C to 300°C

Application Range:

General compression testing for a wide range of materials and products for the purpose of determining one or more of the following compressive properties:

  • Compressive Yield Strength
  • Compressive Strength
  • Offset Yield Stress
  • Percentage Compressive Strain at Compressive Yield Stress
  • Percentage Compressive Strain at Rupture
  • Compressive Stress at Specified Compressive Strain