DYNA DESK – Series 7200


1. A versatile & sophisticated software yet simple, flexible & easy to use.

2. This software is Windows-8 compatible.

3. The software enables the user to plot the graph of quantities in various permutation and

combinations like Stress v/s Strain, Load v/s Strain, Load v/s time, Load v/s Travel, etc. and

also after test change the graph axis and view the report graphs.

4. The terminating condition of a test can be set to any parameter or a Logical combination of

parameters viz. Load, travel, Stress, Strain, break, load AND travel, load OR travel, travel

AND load, etc.

5. Provision of giving endpoint for every stage, so that if the termination condition has not come,

the test will definitely stop at this specified end point. This ensures safety of the machine.

6. The feature of crosshead positioning through jogs in load control apart from travel control

ensures additional safety of the machine, grips and load cell as the crosshead will stop moving

if it experiences high load. This is very important during compression.

7. The provision to work in any units enables the user to carry on the tests as per the industry

standard. Results can be viewed in any 2 alternate units.

8. Easy interface & connections self-explanatory

9. Apt for intense test procedures and in depth study of materials.

10. Wavemaker allows the user to test through a variety of mode changes, absolute and relative

ramps, sines and other waveforms. Data can be acquired continuously, sporadically

(periodically) or discretely through the test sequence.

11. Test control with display of results. Up to seven windows can be given for displaying

continuous data. These windows are user selectable.

12. Any number of User Defined Fields and Data points can be given. There is no limitation

13. Images can be added to the fields.

14. Built-in Result Calculation Simplified Formula Creation

15. Supports the machine for controlling position, load, stress& strain mode of operation

16. Graphical display of test curves of specimen during the test

17. Outlier detection determines whether the results are in the expected range or not.

18. Customized graph and report settings. Reports can be formatted according to the user

requirement. Header up to 3 lines and footer of 1 line can be given which can include company

name and address and signature. Up to 8 headings can be given which can include name of the

user, specimen specifications, etc.

19. Company Logo can also be set for the reports.

20. Pre-conditioning of sample can be done before the test begins

21. Easily installable and ready to use test procedures

22. Data analysis and management of test responses

23. Built-in calibration facility

24. Provision for saving and retrieval of test methods and previous test data

25. Provision for export of test graph data to excel for custom processing and report generation

26. Supports measurement of true stress, strain, reduction in area, etc. by integration with non-contact. Video Extensometer. Snaps can be taken during the tests and snaps and videos can be downloaded easily from Advanced Video Extensometer.

27. Memory usage indicator in the run time screen.

28. Special algorithms help to determine Young’s Modulus, type of curve-continuous or

discontinuous, yield properties depending on the curve type, area under the curve to calculate

energy, multiple peaks, peel tear, k and n values.

29. Tension, compression, flexure, relaxation, peel, tear, Torsion etc. tests can be conveniently

done. Cyclic (Hysteresis) tests can be made very easily in a single stage and its calculations can

be easily done.

30. Stage and cycle number indicator in the run time window.

31. Test specimens if not proper can be excluded from the statistics.

32. List of tests can be sorted name wise or performance time wise.

33. 2 types of Return to origin-auto and pop-up.

34. Messages can be set to be displayed before or after stage/test.

35. Separate Torsion mode for testing in torsion testers.