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Dak System Inc. is an ISO 9001: 2008 Accredited Organization and also, has Quality Management System Certified by UKAS . Under the ownership and technical guidance of Mr. Rajan Pandya the Dak group commenced its operation since 1982. Its core business is to Design, Develop, Manufacture,  Market, Install and Validate Material Testing Equipment and Physiotherapy Instruments for applications in the field of Rubber, Plastic, Metal, Tyre, Testing Laboratory, Defense, Educational institutions, Hospitals & Health Care /Wellness Clinics.

Dak aims at serving every customer with application specific engineered solutions. Our customers include Scientists, Engineers, Professors and national as well as international organizations. We are at the beginning of an economically sensitive era and Dak has never been better positioned to meet the needs of the thousands of customers who will join us and benefit from our vast array of testing, measurement and quality control technologies in the coming years. By offering the best value for the investment our customers make, Dak will deliver up-to-the-minute quality products and technologies that meet and exceed our customers requirements in the modern materials testing world.

Ensuring that customers are satisfied every time they interact with Dak is an objective owned by every Dak member.  Dak principles set the strategic direction for how we’ll continue to keep customers at the forefront of all we do in developing and delivering high technology testing products and solutions that meet and exceed the demanding requirements of our customers, and offering innovative new products that deliver a superior value and price/quality ratio. Many people are familiar with Dak’s customer-focused business strategy, and the company’s success in creating leading value for customers and industries.